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Learner Advisory & Career Centre 

SIM recognises that every learner that comes to us has specific needs and we cannot just provide one-size-fits–all solutions. For that reason we believe in understanding each individual who comes to us and rendering personalised support to help them in their endeavour for success. The SIM Learner Advisory & Career Centre (LA&CC) aims to be a one-stop centre to empower and equip learners to achieve their career aspirations. The following services are available:

Our services:

  • Profiling – We use relevant tools to determine the Values, Interests, Preferences and Skills (VIPS) of our learners to gauge and advise them on their suitability for various careers.
  • Skills assessment – We use relevant skills assessment instruments to determine the current skills profile of our learners and perform skills gap analysis regarding their targeted careers of interest or career development plans.
  • Career counselling & coaching – We have qualified and experienced career counsellors who will be able to utilise the above data to advise our learners on their learning pathways and the credentials they need to obtain to achieve their aspirations.
  • Career mentoring – We assign career mentors to share their knowledge and expertise with our learners to help them with goal setting, problem resolution and making good choices in their career journey.
  • Job market analysis/intelligence – We have a team of analysts to provide regular reports on job market trends to enterprises or individuals. These reports can help companies with their human resource planning, and to drive their capability and capacity development promptly.
  • Executive talent development – We offer consultancy services to corporations, and advise them on job re-design and professional learning programmes.

The LA&CC works synergistically with SIM’s learning eco-system to support the development and delivery of our quality learning programmes.


Drop us an email or call us at 6248 0281
Venue: Career Connect (Block B, Level 1)
Opening hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon to Fri)

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