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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates at SIM 

Updates 16

20 May 2021: Conversion of scheduled face-to-face classes to online lessons from 27 May to 13 June

In view of the escalating Covid-19 situation and the Ministry of Education’s advisory for Institutes of Higher Learning to conduct more classes online where possible, we will be converting all scheduled face-to-face classes to online lessons. This will take effect from 27 May till 13 June. Examinations during this period will also be conducted online where possible.

You will be receiving specific instructions with regard to the arrangement of your online classes from your respective programme administrators via email or SIMConnect. Please keep a lookout for them.

For students who need to come back for self-study on campus as their home environments may not be conducive, we will allow a small number who have a genuine need to do so under strict safety controls. Details on how to apply, criteria for approval, and safe management and entry requirements will be posted on SIMConnect. Students without approval will not be allowed entry to the campus.

Please see the table below for the operations of services and facilities available during the period of 27 May to 13 June.

Services and Facilities


Food and beverage, and retail outlets




@ Block A Level 1



@ Block A Level 3



@ Block A Level 3

Permanently​ Closed​

Food Fest 
​@ Block B Level 1

7.30am – 6.00pm
(Dining in and takeaway allowed)


@ Block B Level 1



@ Block C Level 1



Seng City Print Services 
​@Block A, Level 2



Self-Service Printing Kiosks in the Library and Block B Level 1 will operate as per normal.

Payment Counter

Counter will remain closed.
For enquiries:
Email us at


The Library is open for book borrowing and studying on the following days:
Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm
This is strictly by appointment only and it only applies to students who are allowed to be on campus. No Double Booking is allowed.
For all other enquiries:
Visit for updates, or call 62489601 or email us at
Monday – Saturday: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Service desk

For IT support on online learning:
Call 62489090 and select option 1 or email us at
Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 10.30pm
Saturday: 7.30am – 6.30pm

Student recruitment office

Counter will remain closed.
For enquiries:
Call 62489746 or email us at
Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am – 1.00pm

Student services office

Counter will remain closed.
For enquiries:
Call 62489393 or email us at
Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am – 1.00pm
You are advised to regularly check your mymail student account, the SIMConnect News and Notices for updates. 

Sports facilities and student gym

These will remain closed until further notice.

Due to the evolving situation, we will continue to assess the situation and be guided by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education in safeguarding the well-being of our students and staff on campus.

We strongly urge you to do your part by adhering to all current safe management measures put in place to help curb the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the community. These measures include remaining at home and only leaving the house for essential activities, as well as wearing of mask, maintenance of safe distancing, keeping to a group size of up to two persons, and no intermingling between groups when you are outside. If you are unwell, please see a doctor immediately.

We look forward to your continued responsibility in keeping yourself and everyone in our community safe and healthy. Thank you.


Read SIM COVID-19 past updates.

Precautionary measures at SIM

SIM has put in place a set of precautionary measures to keep our students, staff, associates, vendors and members of public safe and healthy. These measures are based on recommendations from the Ministry of Health, Singapore and consistent with guidelines set by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Our precautionary measures are:
  • Mandatory temperature taking for all persons entering our premises.

    It is compulsory for staff/students/course participants/visitors/associates/tenants/contractors to go through the temperature screening. Upon your arrival on campus, please proceed immediately to take your temperature at one of the screening stations before entering the campus. If you are screened to have a fever, you will be denied entry and advised to see a doctor immediately. Please call the clinic ahead of your visit and declare your travel history.

    Temperature Screening Stations (From 31 August 2020) are located at:

    ​SIM HQ Campus Temperature Screening Stations
    Block A

    Vehicular Entrance 2 (after roundabout)

    Vehicular entrance:
                Carpark entrance 2 (Block A)

    Level 1 Plaza Pedestrian Station

    Pedestrian entrance: Block A Level 1 – Plaza (next to bus stop) 

    Level 2 Atrium Pedestrian Station

    Pedestrian entrance: Block A Level 2 – Atrium 

    Block B

    Level 1 Entrance Pedestrian Station

    Pedestrian entrance: Block B Level 1 

    Block C
    Vehicular Entrance 1

    Vehicular entrance:
                Carpark entrance 1 (Block C) 

    ​SIM Management House

    ​Level 4 Atrium Pedestrian Station

    Pedestrian entrance: Management House at Namly Ave – Level 4 Atrium 

  • Travel declaration. 
  • Safe Distancing.
  • Advisories to remind students and staff to be vigilant, monitor their health, practise good personal hygiene, and to seek medical attention immediately if unwell.
  • Disciplinary actions for those caught flouting the precautionary measures.

If you know of anyone who has breached any precautionary measure, you can make an anonymous report at the SIM contacts below. 

Your part in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore is to take personal responsibility by complying with all precautionary measures and to report someone whom you know is not complying. Ultimately, we can only overcome COVID-19 with the co-operation and public spiritedness of everyone in Singapore.

Health Advisories

More information on COVID-19:

SIM Contacts

We ask that everyone to remain calm and vigilant and do not speculate and spread fake news that can cause undue panic. Please check your facts with SIM at following:

Security and Safety

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