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Micro-credentialing: Master skills to expand career scope and build agility across industries

03 Jul 2020

'DASH+' – Design, Agile and Systems thinking, Hypergrowth and Leadership (+) skills – are critical for one to thrive in a world of exponential change.

That was the advice given by Mr Seah Chin Siong, SIM President and Chief Executive Officer, at LIT DISCOvery 2020, a virtual symposium organised by Young NTUC, on 10 June. He was a keynote speaker on the topic ‘Will You Be Relevant Tomorrow?’. This year’s symposium was one of NTUC’s initiatives to help young Singaporeans find jobs, improve their career prospects and upgrade their skills in a post-pandemic world.

For the future workforce, Mr Seah stressed that fundamentals of skills,
knowledge, commitment and values are still important.

COVID-19 has accelerated the world towards a hyper-digital one. While digital skills give one an advantage in his career, people skills still matter. For instance, a software developer with excellent communication skills will probably be “the best technical guy” in the workplace.

Mr Seah also touched on the importance of keeping up with the always expanding fields of knowledge and making your “learning curve your earning curve”.

On commitment and values, he stressed: “If you do not value your role or the task you are doing, you are not going to perform well”.

On the part of educational institutions, to better prepare young people for the future of work through lifelong learning, micro-credentialing will be necessary to allow constant upgrading and validating of skills and proficiencies that facilitate progression or change of careers. These skills will be those in demand and recognised by employers, and their credits stackable to higher qualifications.

Mr Seah’s parting shot: “The world is not going to be the same again…If you are able to continue to learn,
pick up knowledge, build skills and be adaptable, the sky is the limit”.

Citing his personal career journey in which he took on a technology-based role despite his education in accountancy as an example, Mr Seah emphasised that it is important that young professionals not restrict themselves to just one set of skills. They should instead strive to build mastery in various technical skills which will allow them to expand their scope of work and be agile to traverse across different industry domains.

Back for the second year, the LIT DISCOvery symposium reached out to about 800 viewers comprising graduating students, working adults and entrepreneurs.

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